Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Old No. 1

It's time for me to start writing again. Real writing. I have a good job, working for a good cause, but writing press releases doesn't satisfy that creative urge.

This blog is just for exercise. I'm not aspiring to anything great here. I just want to talk about things that interest me, and keep my writing muscles up. The great songwriter Harlan Howard once said, A lot of songs you write are just for exercise - just pencil sharpeners." That's what I'll do here.

The name of the blog reflects my personality. I tend to get really interesting in particular things - I mean really, really interested - and I inevitably end up writing about it.

I won't post with any regularity. Just whenever I feel inspired. Or bored.

I am, of course, very interested in politics, but I'll probably keep my mouth shut about that. Sorry politico friends, but my current job is bipartisan in nature, so I need to not offend anyone.

Right now, my obsessions are soccer, astronomy, and history. My previous/also current obsessions of track & field, music, beer and even superheroes will no doubt reappear. Some of you will remember I had a blog devoted to beer. Maybe that will make a revival as well: http://i-love-beer.blogspot.com.

Sorry, not much of a first post. Tired. I just wanted to finally get this started, after thinking about it for a while. A pencil sharpener.

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